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Sophisticated and elegant mirrors, the convex mirrors come to life in the Canestrelli workshop.

Placed on the walls of north European homes, the convex mirror has been considered since as the good luck charm of the house, in the form of eye which protects its inhabitants, since ancient times. For these virtues it is best known in French-speaking countries as the "oeil de sorcière," or the witch's eye.

This object is completely handmade. The frame is produced follow the techniques of gouache gilding, taught by master Cennino Cennini at the end of the fourteenth century. Even the mirror, because of the its particular shape, is completely silvered by hand.

Ancient techniques to create modern decorative objects, this is the spirit that animates Stefano Coluc-cio, who in the 1990s decided to follow his family's vocation, which was initiated by his maternal grandfather, the carver Emilio Canestrelli and continued by his mother Manuela.

Completely handmade, each article differs from the other for the materials used, the chromatic shades and the differential capabilities of reflection.

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