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Ebrû, a Turkish word derived from the Persian ebri, meaning "cloudy", is the term designating the special technique of decorating paper with colourful motives imitating the veins of stone or marble.

This process, imported from Persia in the mid-1500s, met with an extraordinary development in Turkey. In the Ottoman world, paper was used to bind manuscripts, as a border for miniatures and as a back-ground for the art of calligraphy.

The name alludes to the mutability and transiency of the ebru because, like a cloud or a cloudy sky, the colourful picture is fixed to a sheet which by absorbing the colours suspended on a liquid surface is different in each case and unique.

The fast moving hand of the craftsman with "writes" on this liquid surface creating texture with blotches, veins or waves. Alberto Valese, other than his perfect understanding of traditional techniques, has developed his own personal study, applying this type of decoration in an unusual way well to three-dimensional objects, obtaining many effects of great refinement.

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