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Among the narrow streets of the Dorsoduro district lies a hidden boutique that, like a treasure chest, contains the magical riches of Gualtiero Salbego, known by the nom d’art Gualti.

Entering his shop is an experience that profoundly affects the visiter with a triumph of colours and re-fined designs. Brooches like emerging flowers, chokers like waterfalls with bright filaments and earrings like sea anemones, these are some of Gualti’s wearable sculptures; jewellery collections inspired by natural forms.

The Gualti’s works come to life on the woman who wears them, and therein lies the surprise. The ap-parently fragile jewellery turns out to be an illusion: everything is designed to be worn.The very special materials range from mixed synthetic resins to coloured aluminium.

Gualti’s fairy tale is beautiful, whereby his passion and creativity materialise into shapes and unique and original jewellery.

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