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SUCC.G.CARLI di Paolo Brandoliso


The laboratory. G. Carli produces oars and oarlocks according to centuries-old tradition of the "remeri" masters.


The activity of the craftsman Paul Brandolisio starts at the age of sixteen, when he engages in the construction of an oarlock, showing the remer maestro Giuseppe Carli.Carli sees in the boy an innate talent and decides to teach the art for more than two generations handed down in his family.


After years of collaboration, Paul takes over the workshop of master Carli. The craftsman retains the layout of the laboratory of the previous owner.This is why the shop-laboratory of Paul is a place of great charm; enter it means to contact a different dimension, ancient.


The craftsman production includes oarlocks, paddles and various objects.The oarlock is the rowlock of the boats of the Venice Lagoon.Each oarlock branch is made by hand, with a single piece of wood, and its size depends on the type of boat and the height and weight of the rower. Even the oar is made ​​of wood, light and hard to be as efficient as possible in pushing the boat.

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