Carnival of Venice 2022 edition

The 2022 edition of the Carnival of Venice is being held from Saturday February 12 to Tuesday March 1 under the Artistic Direction of Massimo Checchetto, set designer of the Teatro La Fenice. “Remember the Future” is the title chosen for this edition, and is inspired by a quote from Salvador Dalì: "And most of all I remember the future".  
The Carnival is a surreal game, beyond logic. Remembering the future seems like a paradox, but this responds precisely to the most authentic spirit of the Carnival: a subversion of meaning that allows you to ‘open up’ the mind and open up possible unexpected scenarios. An introspective and creative journey that everyone can undertake to discover the most hidden desires and the most secret aspects of their own personality. With the freedom of anonymity, because today, behind one mask, another mask is hidden. The Venice Carnival becomes, therefore, an extraordinary opportunity for research and revelation that is mirrored in the intricate fabric of its urban structure. Calli and campielli, bridges and canals, sotoporteghi and fondamenta, as well as arcades and squares, all impose a continuous change of pace, continuous rethinking and hesitations that, however, lead to surprising results. New visions that deviate from everyday life and transport you to a dimension projected into a fantastic future. A journey, a set of ideas for embracing the dream of beauty.  

On the occasion of Carnival 2022, the City of Venice proposes a series of initiatives that will take place throughout the municipal area, according to the pandemic situation and the relative legislation of reference, in compliance with national and local guidelines related to the activities of a diffused schedule that involves the ancient city, the Venetian mainland, and the islands of the lagoon. The Carnival 2022 will be a multidimensional event, in which the physicality of attending the traditional event in person is integrated with the virtual, utilising technology to involve all the public in the Carnival, including those who wish to participate remotely, from all around the world. It is a "work in progress" edition, the result of a joint effort made together with the competent authorities in order to offer a safe Carnival.  

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