Panizzi Murano


Wood panel with yellow and black glass inserts. The glass inserts were made with the multi-layer glass fusion technique at 700 degrees centigrade and then engraved with diamond wheels. The Domino collection has been designed to be hung both in vertical and horizontal position to leave to the customer every composition possibility also with the possibility of combining other panels. From simple but modern design, these panels are great for decorating any wall of your home or office.

Height 70 cm, width 25 cm, depth 3.5 cm approx. 

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Making craftsmanship implies creating objects that are different from each other, unique and unrepeatable. As a result, all the proposals of Venice Original could vary slightly in color and shape, depending on the availability of raw materials, inspiration and creativity of the moment.
If you do not find online what you want or would like something slightly different, contact us specifying your needs, your desires and tastes. Venice Original will offer you the most suitable craftsman to achieve what you care about, enhancing the beauty and competence of the best Venetian historical-artistic workmanship.

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Panizzi Murano

Glass casting, grinding, beating, engraving

The Panizzi Eugenio mill was founded in Murano in 1960 and established itself as a company s...

Panizzi Murano

Glass casting, grinding, beating, engraving


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