The project"

The project involves the creation of an E-Commerce platform centered on the excellence of the artistic and traditional craftsmanship of Venice.

The main activities of the project are:

  1. The creation and implementation of the online sales platform, giving ample space to the description of the craftsmen and their products.

  2. The creation of touristic itineraries capable of enhancing the main production activities of the territory through the enhancement of Venetian know-how. An evocative selection of artisanal activities that express the identity and culture of the lagoon to start once again with local excellence.

  3. The provision of specific training on the process of innovation and digitization of the traditional business model through the proactive adhesion to a shared e-commerce platform community.

The project objectives are:

  1. protect and safeguard locally-crafted products;

  2. contribute to the preservation of artisanal know-how and intangible cultural heritage;

  3. ensure adequate remuneration for work;

  4. enhance and support the most sustainable processing / production methods which respect the environment and the community in which they are implemented.
"Complete list of training courses

Lesson 1. The transformation of the business model for selling online

  • Introduction to the first part of the course.
  • The business model: definition, underlying logic, and fundamental components.
  • Guided exercise to analyze your business model complete with examples to reflect on its transformation from the perspective of activating an e-commerce channel.

Lesson 2. Strategy to find a winning positioning in the market – part one

  • Step 1: define the competitive context (examples) and identify competitors.
  • Step 2: know your audience (segmentation: characteristics, problems, and needs).
  • Guided exercise to analyze the Aspirational (Why), Relational (How) and Functional (What) benefits of your audience.

Lesson 3. Strategy to find a winning positioning in the market – part two

  • Step 3: From Benefits to Critical Choice Factors: define your own value curve as well as your competitors’.
  • Step 4: Analyze strengths and areas of excellence (internal resources and skills) to design a winning positioning in the physical and digital market.
  • Guided exercise to define the 3 guiding elements (Keyword) for the implementation of your positioning.

Lesson 4. From strategic positioning to objectives

  • The operational implementation of the strategy: how to design online presence through different but synergistic tools (objectives and roles: Website, e-commerce, Social media channels (Google, FB, Instagram,
    Youtube), etc.)

Lesson 5. Designing effective marketing to sell online

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Strategic and operational marketing decisions to sell online: Product, Price, Distribution and Promotion Strategies

Lesson 6. The budget for online marketing

  • Plan and manage the growth of your online business: from estimating potential revenues to managing marketing expenses to create and promote your online content and generate web traffic

Lesson 7. Ergo sum communication: the value of content in the era of editorial marketing

  • What does it mean to communicate and what is the most suitable content to convey certain messages, also considering the chosen destination and channel
  • Let's discover a new, more “editorial” approach to marketing

Lesson 8. Attracting new visitors to your digital channels

  • How to broaden your user audience beyond the existing network and current customers, using generated content to drive quality traffic on selected web pages

Lesson 9. Create interest and convert visitors into leads

  • How to capitalize on the traffic generated on your site to convert and insert potential customers into your database: how to create premium content to be distributed using appropriate contact collection forms

Lesson 10. Generate Sales and Acquire New Customers

  • How to cultivate the leads generated by the website to keep them informed about products, initiatives, and trends in their sectors of interest, building a lasting relationship primed to become a transaction (sale) at the right time

Lesson 11. Making your mark: turning clients into evangelists

  • How to instill in customers the passion for artisans and their products, turning a simple buyer into something more: a promoter who proactively spreads the value of your business and generates new contacts through the oldest system in the world ... word of mouth

Lesson 12. Managing online reputation, from supporters to trolls

  • How to extricate yourself from the complex digital world, which grants an audience to everyone, from passionate promoters of our company who increase its reputation to detractors able to spark endless controversies on our social networks
  • Summary of the contents and conclusions of the course.
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