Mantles, shawls and tabards

In eighteenth-century Venice it was typical to dress up and the tabard, together with the traditional bauta mask and the tricorn hat was the garment that guaranteed anonymity and, therefore, maximum freedom. Not only during Carnival, but also on all those occasions, which were not lacking in Venice, of amusement and entertainment: at parties, dances and, above all, during love encounters. Even today cloaks and tabards are common among Venetians: a way to remember the past but also to live the present with style and elegance, such as the use of the ancient Venetian shawl (el fazuol). Luxurious and adorned with flowers but also simple black, fine and elegant, with little embroidery and long thin fringes, symbol of honesty and respectability, it was worn by the beautiful Venetian ladies and, by habit, forbidden to prostitutes.  
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