Our selection criteria

Formal requirements:

  • Registration with the Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA)
  • Registration with the Register of Artisan Enterprises


Technical requirements:

  • On-site certification carried out with 100% of the companies involved;
  • Prevalence of manual production of products;
  • Carrying out the production process with traditional Venetian techniques and / or materials, even if reinterpreted with new technologies, design elements, and / or experimental materials;
  • Involvement in the production process of one or more artisans who make one-off pieces or limited series productions;
  • Price uniformity between the price of products made and offered for sale on the online platform and the in-store price;
  • Monitoring of the series of products made so that they comply with project objectives.


Main elements guaranteeing the sustainability of the project:

  • Production process capable of fully remunerating the labor cost;
  • Products made closely following the immaterial know-how, expression of the territory.
Product added to compare.

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