Venice: on the Quest for Balancing Tradition and Innovation

Venice, a city poised between water and land, artifice and nature, residency and transience, past and future, stands as an inspiring metaphor for the balance we seek in every sphere of life, and not least in craftsmanship. This city, celebrated for its historical, cultural, and industrial-technological heritage, is firmly rooted in centuries of craftsmanship. Today, as we face global ethical, environmental, human, and economic challenges, Venice is on a quest for equilibrium between preserving tradition and fostering innovation.

The artisans of Venice, the heart and soul of the city, embody this pursuit of balance. They are the epitome of resilience, confronting the complexities of modernity while weaving threads of the future into the rich tapestry of Venice’s heritage, one of immanent beauty.

Venice Original, a project of CNA Metropolitana di Venezia, developed with the support of J.P. Morgan, Fondazione di Venezia, and the Camera di Commercio Venezia e Rovigo, under the patronage of the City of Venice and Ca' Foscari University of Venice, echoes this sentiment. We hold a profound appreciation for the beauty and cultural richness of Venetian crafts, believing that they can bridge cultures and connect people globally, a role that Venice has played for over 1,600 years.

We envision a panorama of Venetian craftsmanship that is recognized and valued in its essence for the legacy it embodies, the stories it tells, and the ethos it upholds. Through a dense network of selected artisans, we bring this vision to life on a digital platform that showcases their unique creations, informs about their history, and inspires a city where this industry can continue to thrive and evolve, infused with contemporary and innovative elements.

In a world that increasingly demands a holistic perspective on our actions, Venice Original offers people worldwide the opportunity to connect with Venetian craft culture, without necessarily visiting the city physically. Simultaneously, we provide support to local small businesses, helping them integrate the digital dimension of running a business into their daily lives as craftsmen and craftswomen.

This conversation about balance is timely as we approach the first edition of TEDxVenezia on Sunday 14 April 2024. During the morning session, Cosima Montavoci of Sunset Yogurt, Fosca Parisi of Atelier23, Gloria Rogliani of Gloria Rogliani ASD, Ludovica Zane of Laguna FLA, and Piero Dri of il Forcolaio Matto will contribute their views and experiences to the conversation 'New Balances for the City - Venice and Crafts'.

In keeping with this year's theme "Balancing Act", it will be an opportunity for collective reflection on the essence of "fair measure" in our contemporary context. It serves as a starting point for discussions on existing and potential new balances for craftsmanship in Venice and the world, technological progress, ethics, resource management, and the ensuing individual and collective well-being.

Venice, serves as a beacon for the world, testing how it can be possible to honour our past while embracing the future. And in this delicate balancing act, we find the true essence of craftsmanship.

To join the conversation on Sunday morning, we invite you to register HERE.

To attend the afternoon TEDx Talk, we invite you to register HERE.

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