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Tracing the history of Venice, typical professions from the Lagoon, which were closely linked the territory and which are now full of charm and rarity, are rediscovered. The art of impiraresse is one such example..


The impiraresse were women who strung the glass beads produced in the furnaces of Murano. The etymology of the word derives from the Venetian verb "impirar," which means “to insert". 




Chatting and singing, the impiraresse sat around the small square, and, weaving fans of needles with beads, they waited for the sun to descend upon the waters of the lagoon. Each one of them held a wooden tray on her lap, filled with colourful beads produced by the glassworks in Murano. Their hands sank quickly into the basket and their fingers, with skill and rhythm, drove the beads along fans of needles, from which branched long strings of flax or cotton.


This craft was dedicated to women, but not all women, only the youngest, who were bestowed with a good eyesight, a good dose of patience and meticulous precision.The women were young, waiting to marry, eager to get a small dowry and to contribute to the costs of keeping a home. After the wedding, one by one they stopped, absorbed by domestic life, their children, husbands and home.



Today, this is a rare craft and the work of the impiraresse has been gradually replaced by machinery. There are very few craftsmen who continue this Venetian glass-linked tradition today, making necklac-es, bracelets and beautiful ornaments with Murano beads.Venetian Dreams and Attombri are two bou-tiques that enhance and protect the art of the impiraresse, the bead stringers, those who filled the streets of Venice in the nineteenth century with colours and their chatter.



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