Prepare your Christmas tree thinking of Venice
The Christmas shopping axes in the districts of Santa Croce, Cannaregio, San Polo, Dorsoduro, San Marco and Castello and on the islands have already been illuminated for the festive season, but even if you walk through the narrower streets and less crowded campielli you can see splendid decorations and festive items on the windows or in the displays of old shops, as well as the inevitable small and large Christmas trees.

From the most traditional, elegant and splendid to the most minimalist, creative and eco-sustainable: each with its own characteristics and style. And how will you decorate your Christmas tree this year? In what spirit are you approaching this festive season?

Here at Venice Original we invite you to choose your decorations with Venice in mind, to celebrate the beauty of Venice wherever you decide to spend the festivities, supporting the Venetian craftsmen who, with their creativity and technique, create splendid objects even at Christmas.

You can buy a zen tree made by master remer Saverio Pastor with pre-cut and wax-finished walnut leaf blisters, which helps to preserve the tradition of ancient Venetian boats. If you love wood but prefer something more colourful, here is Mr Blum's poplar tree, hand-cut by electric drill and painted with non-toxic colours.

As we prepare for the festivities in the lagoon, select what you really wish to have with you or buy as a gift this year, with a thought for the artisans of this unique city!
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