Getting ready for Christmas with a touch of Venetian style

Not long before the most highly awaited event of the year: Christmas. A festival that has ancient, even pagan, origins, celebrating the return of light preannounced by the winter solstice, the day on which the sun no longer descends beyond the equator giving the impression of stopping. Whether a sacred or profane festival depends on how each person decides to experience it: it is certainly an opportunity to reflect on what really matters.

For us at Venice Original, this is an opportunity to tell you about the beauty, commitment and magic of those who, in Venice, create small and large objects with their own hands, respecting tradition but also with new and renewed sensitivity. Many creations, each with its own identity, to choose truly precious gifts.

A special section dedicated to Christmas brings together the best proposals for experiencing the Christmas atmosphere with a touch of Venetian style, but potentially all the products on our site could be chosen for your gifts by combining the right match.

It is important to choose the right objects because everything carries a value linked to its history and, in our case, the past and future of our craftsmen. Who knows what they were thinking while making your Christmas items, while giving them life.  

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