Venice in Winter!

Venice is a fascinating place in the last months of the year when there are fewer people and the city takes on a whole new look before getting decorated for the Christmas festivities. In the months between autumn and winter, enveloping fog creates a silent, mystical atmosphere for those walking through the streets and canals of this timeless city.

Venice is the ideal city to get lost (and then find yourself again) for a night-time stroll, to rediscover the value of silence and contemplation. Although its proximity to the sea mitigates the climate, the presence of water can make the temperatures feel colder and the cold more biting.

The wind is the determining factor and more than rain it changes the Venetian atmosphere. With the bora, a dry, cold wind from the Carso, the sky is clear, while with the scirocco everything is grey. This hot, humid wind often combined with the attraction of the moon causes the tide to rise, leading to episodes of high water. But humidity is not always synonymous with rain, on the contrary. If there is fog, it doesn't rain.

It is therefore essential in Venice not only to have a boat or comfortable shoes, but also to cover yourself well. Traditionally, people wear the classic long black tabard cloak, but today they also protect themselves from the cold with soft scarves, colourful foulards and elegant caps.

With Venice Original you can find a wide variety of wool scarves handcrafted by the atelier LellaBella with quality materials that can warm even the coldest winters without sacrificing style. Lively and warm unique pieces made with cashmere and merino wools rather than alpaca and mohair. Or the silk scarves of the artisan Hélène Kuhn Ferruzzi, who imprints emotions as well as touches of colour in each of her creations, allowing you to wear real works of art. Sober, black and very elegant are the hats proposed by the artisan Monica Daniele, known for her commitment to preserving the tradition of the tabard.

Venice is a magical and beautiful city to experience even in the cold months. By purchasing a scarf, a foulard or a hat made by selected Venetian master craftsmen from Venice Original, you will feel as if you are enveloped, wherever you are, in the enchanting magic of the Venetian winter.

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