Tersicore "Danza" dress - "The Muse...
Tersicore "Danza" dress - "The Muse...
Tersicore "Danza" dress - "The Muse...
Ca’ Beltà

Tersicore "Danza" dress - "The Muse Collection"

As the patron muse of dance, a young and lively woman who adjusts her steps according to the musical cadence, so is the woman who inspired this pure silk dress. The bodice has a regular neckline and all the classic pleats and is characterized by the slightly asymmetrical half-wheel skirt. The length of the dress is up to the knee and is enriched by a strap of the fabric of the dress itself.

Lightweight, fluttering, with bright colors, it gives energy to the wearer.

The Muse Collection was born in a simple but at the same time magical way ... Each garment was inspired by the words or personalities of some of our guests, the beautiful women who frequent Ca 'Beltà. Clothes that needed to have a name and, certain that they were muses, we recognized in each ancient Greek figure their own dress, or rather we saw the women who inspired them: strong, confident, courageous, talented, dynamic. Tales heard days before were intertwined with features of mythological figures. An intertwining that gave life to nine dresses for nine muses ...

In order not to make a mistake with the size, see the illustration and the table of the main measures we use for the packaging of each of our garments.

Unique piece available in size 44 - 46 - Length from waist to hem cm. 60


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Making craftsmanship implies creating objects that are different from each other, unique and unrepeatable. As a result, all the proposals of Venice Original could vary slightly in color and shape, depending on the availability of raw materials, inspiration and creativity of the moment.
If you do not find online what you want or would like something slightly different, contact us specifying your needs, your desires and tastes. Venice Original will offer you the most suitable craftsman to achieve what you care about, enhancing the beauty and competence of the best Venetian historical-artistic workmanship.

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