Carnival on the Grand Canal

Amidst hundreds of coloured balloons, Venice kicked off the 2023 edition of its Carnival, titled “Take Your Time For The Original Signs”. After the “Original Dreamers” parade - which ploughed through the waters of the Grand Canal with a spectacular floating stage, starting from Venice's Santa Lucia train station and arriving in St. Mark's Basin - a hundred or so decorated and colourful traditional Venetian boats ploughed through the waters of the world's most famous waterway carrying the legendary papier-mâché “Pantegana” (Rat), which opened in front of the Rialto Bridge under the eyes of thousands of spectators.

“A marvellous parade on typical Venetian boats with over 100 boats with more than 800 costumed rowers on board. Traditions and colours mingled to create a wonderful event”, said artistic director Massimo Checchetto.

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