The Timeless Elegance of Gondola Building: A Testament to Venetian Craftsmanship

In the heart of Venice, there lies an art form as timeless as the city itself: the craft of gondola building, a ballet of skill and passion that has been handed down for generations. Each piece of wood is carefully carved, bent, and assembled, resulting in a masterpiece of elegance and functionality. The gondola, with its unique shape and sinuous curves, is an emblem of tradition and craftsmanship, a symbol of Venice's uniqueness worldwide.

In Giudecca island, Cantiere Dei Rossi stands as a beacon of this enduring tradition, the passion for a craft that is both a tribute to the beauty and history of a region.

Each gondola you spot resting on a squero or drifting through a canal tells a story: a narrative of the craftsman's dedication and a testament to the specific demands of its gondoliere

It is a tale of how a simple piece of wood is transformed into an elegant vessel, that connects the entire world to the Venetian heritage, with the sole thought of it.

At Venice Original, we invite you to discover the essence of Venice, a city where every stone and sliver tells a story of dedication, talent, and love for the craft.

Join us in celebrating the ancient art forms that pay tribute to the beauty and history of Venice.

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