Lumkha plates
Lumkha plates
Lumkha plates
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Lumkha plates

Set of 4 pieces (230 ml capacity, glazed stoneware, dishwasher safe, foodsafe) The Sound of Colours collection was born in 2017 in response to a strong need to create a line dedicated to everyday life in which the essence of ceramic art was expressed: functionality and art as a means of communication. Functionality has partly defined the shapes and the use of stoneware as a ceramic material and the message I wanted to communicate was not to forget to pleasantly use our senses which are the primary switches of our emotions. The colors are an essential part of this collection, in fact, each model can be chosen in six different colors, from the softest to the most intense. Colors vibrate just like the sounds of music. The colors activate the sight, the touch will be tickled by the contrast between the roughness of stoneware and the smoothness of glazing, our drink or food will inebriate the sense of smell and taste. The sound of the colors and the sonority of the stoneware are astonishing to the ear.

Diameter 13 cm, height 4.5 cm 

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  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Azzurro
  • Bronzo
  • Ghiaccio / Amaranto

Making craftsmanship implies creating objects that are different from each other, unique and unrepeatable. As a result, all the proposals of Venice Original could vary slightly in color and shape, depending on the availability of raw materials, inspiration and creativity of the moment.
If you do not find online what you want or would like something slightly different, contact us specifying your needs, your desires and tastes. Venice Original will offer you the most suitable craftsman to achieve what you care about, enhancing the beauty and competence of the best Venetian historical-artistic workmanship.

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Ceramic Design and Workshop

After earning a degree in languages at the University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Nadia Saponaro left for a trip to Andalusia where she decided to learn the art of ceramics. So she became a ceramist, an artisan expert in some particular techniques such as the "dry rope" (querda seca) that she imported...

Ceramic Design and Workshop


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